Acoustical Warrior Fabrics

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space. For both types, we can talk about different principles of good acoustics: absorption, diffusion, and attenuation. These are all linked to the performance of the panels.

In order to remove background noise completely, ideally, you have to build floor-to-ceiling partitions or remove yourself from the noise source. Yet, vertical panels can go a long way to help reduce sound transfers.



Needle Bond

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Withstands wear


100% Polyester

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Single Rib

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Technical Specifications


  • Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
  • Fiber Weight: 5 oz. / Linear Yard
  • Backing: Acrylic
  • Flameability: Class A (ASTM-E-84)
  • Smoke Spread: 20
  • Smoke Developed: 155
  • Width: 54 inches
  • Roll Length: 150 ft. up to 900 ft.
  • SAA: 0.28
  • NRC Rating: 0.25
  • Breaking Strength: ASTM D2646, Length 124.7 lbs., Width 166.3 lbs.
  • Tear Strength: ASTM D2261, Length 23.0 lbs., 24.0 lbs.
  • Abrasion Rate: 30,000 cycles (Very Good)
  • Stain Resistance: Mildew and Bacteria
  • Chemical Resistance: Most Acids, Alkalis, House Hold Bleach and Salts

Inches Wide

Ft. Rolls

In bigger rooms and large spaces, sound waves behave differently. Sound energy propagates in any space, but in larger spaces, less sound energy is bouncing back into the room as the original sound sometimes drops dead before even reaching a hard element. Improve the sound of the space considerably. Absorb undesired sound waves.

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Commonly Used Areas:

  1. Sound Rooms
  2. Classrooms
  3. Department Stores
  4. RV’s / Motor Homes
  5. House Boats
  6. Offices / Conference Rooms
  7. Convention Centers
  8. Cubicles
  9. Man Caves
  10. Church Fellowship Halls
  11. Acoustic Panels

Whether you want to limit sound transfers, reduce background noise and reverb time, it’s crucial to determine the location of the acoustic panels to achieve the best performance.

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